The purpose of this blog is to look for and present facts about climate change.

I personally believe that humans have not contributed significantly to dangerous climate change. However, I want to be fair and balanced, so I started this blog to do research, find evidence and present ideas, from both sides of the discussion. Because, contrary to what some have said, the science is not settled. Any scientist worth his/her salt is always asking questions and looking at the data.

I am not a scientist, but I do have a brain. I can look at what others have found and make my own conclusions. In fact, we all have a responsibility to do so. I want to look at the facts about climate and will be posting what I find, whether it supports or does not support the premise that climate change is a problem.

I welcome input for readers. If you have good information about any points I bring up, please let me know, and if I think it is relevant, I will add it. But I will not tolerate bad language, name calling and finger pointing.  Such things only degrade the discussion.